San Francisco Shift Calendar
San Francisco Office – 900 Pennsylvania Ave, San Francisco, CA 94107

Sign up for a shift:
You can easily sign up as an individual volunteer or as the leader of a volunteer group. To make a reservation, click on one of the shift blocks and follow the prompts. Available spaces are listed in bold so you can easily see which shifts need additional support. If a shift says 0 available, this means we are fully booked. All shifts take place in our warehouse in Potrero Hill, San Francisco (located at 900 Pennsylvania Ave).
Age restrictions:
During weekdays, our minimum age is 11. On Saturdays our minimum age is 8, and on Sundays it is 4. We have these age requirements in place for safety reasons so we cannot allow for any exceptions.
Dress code:
Please note that all volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes in our warehouse.
Please cancel your shift online at least one week prior to your scheduled shift to give us time to recruit more volunteers. We rely on this online calendar to prepare for volunteer projects and last-minute cancellations heavily impact our work.
In order to support the electronic sharing of volunteer shift information, volunteer usernames are searchable through online search engines. Online searches of an individual may bring up their volunteer username and volunteer shift details.

Thursday, April 19 2012

Time Items
All day
9:00 am
10:00 am
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
4:00 pm